June 6, 2023

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One third of vehicle owners want a bigger ride | Car News

Results of a new survey indicate that one-third of current vehicle owners who intend to change their ride in the next two years want their next vehicle to be bigger.

The exact percentage in the AutoTrader survey is 30 percent. As for why people want to upgrade to something bigger, the same reasons come up: more cargo space, better comfort and extra seats.

Nearly half (48 percent) want to buy an SUV, and 32 percent a pickup truck.

“Our research, which affirms a growing desire for Canadians to get into larger vehicles, aligns with SUV and pickup truck sales that have been gaining pace across North America for the past five years – with no sign of slowing down,” said Lilian Lau, Trader Corp’s vice president of marketing, via a statement.

That bodes ill for the future of the car, which accounted for only 20 percent of vehicle sales in Canada in the first nine months of 2021 (the raw total was 1.3 million vehicles).

2021 Mazda3

According to the study, SUVs are the most considered vehicle for purchase (by 42 percent of shoppers). In fact, 64 percent of current SUV owners say they plan to buy another utility vehicle for their next vehicle. And for those who own a car, 33 percent say they plan to move up the size ladder to an SUV.

And when it comes to the size of their next desired SUV, a quarter of buyers are leaning toward a three-row version. Only 12 percent intend to go with a subcompact model. These have been popular recently, but they may be set to experience a decline if this data is any indication.

A discouraging survey? Perhaps, but there are some nuances to be made. Price is a major deterrent for respondents, with 50 percent feeling that larger SUVs are more expensive and less fuel-efficient.

And with gas prices continuing to rise…

Here are some numbers shared by Automotive News regarding the survey.

– 45 percent of respondents believe that larger vehicles are better for families
– 41 percent say they feel safer in a large vehicle
– 35 percent believe that large vehicles are more convenient
– 15 percent say they offer better value
– 50 percent consider larger vehicles to be more expensive and less fuel-efficient
– 28 percent say that larger vehicles are less environmentally friendly
– 27 percent feel the extra space is not worth the hassle when maneuvering in tight spaces

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