June 7, 2023

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Old Cars Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Old Cars Holiday Gift Guide 2022

‘Detroit Steel Artists’


“Detroit Steel Artists” is one of those rare coffee table books that pairs thorough, engaging research with beautiful historic and modern imagery. The research studies the art of the automobile in the years before Harley Earl of General Motors is often erroneously credited with inventing automobile design; after acknowledging the styling efforts of Studebaker and Locomobile in the 1910s, author Matthew Kilkenny studies the automobile design figures who made great strides towards beautifying the automobile in the early 1920s and beyond: Edsel Ford, Raymond Dietrich, Thomas Hibbard and Ralph Roberts. “Detroit Steel Artists” concentrates on these men through written and recorded interviews capturing the men’s own words, often in reference to their years at Le Baron and Dietrich, Inc., two of the preeminent coachbuilders of the 1920s and 1930s.