June 7, 2023

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New Active Aero For C8 Corvette Will Be A Game Changer

The ACT-C8 Smart Active Aero Wing is basically a 70-inch carbon fiber airfoil that is controlled by dual fast-acting actuators that can change downforce pressures in an instant. The onboard sensors and software automatically adjust the wing to five different levels using a built-in CPU with GPS, accelerometer, and gyroscope sensors. The five modes on offer are DRS, Downforce 1, Downforce 2, Downforce 3, and Aerobraking. There are three user presets, making it perfect for those visiting a few different tracks on a regular basis. The wing allows users to set a g-force threshold for Aerobraking to initialize in turns, which results in a more stable car under hard braking. Demo, manual, and automatic modes are also available for more custom adjustability. The best part is that this is a simple plug-in part with no need to tap into the wire harness. Victor Racing is selling the ACT-C8 for $3,499 and shipping starts December 1, 2021.