June 7, 2023

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Hyundai Announces Remarkable New EV Platform

Furthermore, the E-GMP system will make it possible for for two-way charging, which will permit consumers to work a hundred and ten/220V machinery from the car’s battery pack. It can even be utilised to charge a further EV whilst a new vehicle-to-load (V2L) purpose will be able to supply 3.five-kW of electric power – ample to operate a mid-sized air conditioner device as effectively as a fifty five-inch Tv set for up to 24 hours. Since the system is intended to be modular, Hyundai will be able to create new cars relying on buyer requires promptly.

All of this is aspect of Hyundai Motor Group’s plan to start 23 BEV products and offer a million BEV units globally by 2025.