May 27, 2023

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Ford Puma ST-Line Reviews | Overview

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ON PAPER, little SUVs glimpse to be a tough provide they’re generally various thousand dollars (at the very least) dearer than their hatch alternate options even though not presenting all that much extra room and in theory at the very least, inferior dynamics.


And nevertheless the segment carries on to growth with an at any time-developing selection of brand names leaping on the bandwagon of what has promptly turn into 1 of the most essential marketplaces inside of the market.


Ford’s to start with work, the EcoSport, wasn’t much cop and it failed dismally on the product sales charts.


Now on the other hand, the Blue Oval has experienced a rethink and tried yet again, and we’re thrilled to say the outcomes are much extra promising, if a little on the dear aspect.


Centered on the Fiesta town vehicle, the Puma entered the Australian current market towards the center of very last calendar year armed with just 1 engine preference and a a few-variant line-up determined to make amends for the EcoSport’s failures.


To uncover out if it’s up to the task, we spent some time in the mid-vary ST-Line and, spoiler alert, it turned out to be 1 of the most likeable and charismatic little cars we’ve pushed not too long ago.

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