June 6, 2023

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EV axle collaboration with no rare metals | Automotive Industry News

SAF-Holland and British motor maker AEM (State-of-the-art Electrical Equipment) are collaborating on the suspension specialist’s electrical axle process.

AEM is providing an electrical motor for the SAF Trakr regenerative braking axle which does not demand any rare earth or copper.

The two businesses said each individual tonne of extracted rare earth substance creates superior amounts of poisonous and corrosive waste gases and acidic waste h2o.

Utilizing patented technological know-how, AEM’s motor is free of charge of rare earth features, this kind of as the chemical features neodymium and dysprosium. The company is also hoping to exchange copper windings with aluminium to boost recyclability. No copper tends to make the motor lighter without cutting down over-all effectiveness.

The electrical motor in the electrical axle utilizes recuperation which converts the vehicle’s kinetic strength into electrical strength. This is saved in a lithium-ion battery and then utilised for auxiliary units in the trailer, this kind of as pumps or cooling devices. Recuperation as an further resource of energy generation saves gasoline, whilst cutting down sounds and exhaust emissions.

AEM specialises in sustainable electrical motors for automotive and transport while SAF-Holland tends to make chassis devices and elements for trailers, vans and buses as well as fifth wheels, kingpins and landing equipment.