June 7, 2023

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Custom Dodge Challenger Hellcat Convertible Could Be Yours For $95k

The Dodge Challenger has been in generation virtually unchanged for above a decade. By that, we necessarily mean seriously unchanged, and even with comfortable-best versions from both the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro, Dodge never ever went with a Challenger convertible. We have once in a while observed aftermarket conversions, and that is what we have below from Honest Oaks Motors in Virginia. And if you have $ninety five,000 burning up your lender account, you can purchase it.

Before we question the dilemma of whether or not or not a new Challenger is well worth 6 figures, take into account that a new Hellcat presently starts at $60,000. According to the dealership listing, this just isn’t a base Hellcat possibly. It can be loaded up with a number of manufacturing unit choices and deals which include the major Harman Kardon stereo, the Engineering Group that consists of attributes like adaptive cruise, the Driver Benefit Group with blind-spot checking, and other deals. With almost everything plugged in, the Hellcat’s value arrives to $74,045. It can be definitely a well-optioned Hellkitty.

Photo Credit history: Honest Oaks Motors

Facts on the convertible conversion usually are not pointed out, but setting up an electric folding comfortable best on a motor vehicle not developed for just one just isn’t remotely effortless. The whole upfit charge is detailed at $twenty,950, but we are pressured to confess the Challenger appears to be fairly superior devoid of a best. And for individuals who shudder at the believed of huge Hellcat electricity in a roofless, unibody Challenger, the conversion does contain strut tower braces both front and rear, and subframe connectors underneath. Whether or not it is enough bracing to offset the structural reduction from the roof is unfamiliar, but it definitely can help.

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With almost everything extra up, the asking value for this fall-best Hellcat is $94,994. It can be definitely not cheap, but you will find no denying that Dodge has a devoted team of consumers inclined to pay major bucks for major electricity. The dealership also has a custom convertible Challenger Scat Pack for about $twenty,000 much less, and the Hellcat listing does point out a number of savings and incentives that are obtainable. Whether or not they utilize to a custom conversion like this is unfamiliar.

You can’t purchase a Challenger convertible from Dodge, and custom fall-best conversions are extremely scarce. This open up-air Hellcat is most surely cool, but is it $ninety five,000 cool? Let us know your thoughts in the opinions.