June 6, 2023

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City EV maker adds battery swap service

City EV maker adds battery swap service

Next.e.GO Mobile, an independent German maker of electric city vehicles has launched a battery swap service.

A depleted battery can be exchanged for a fully charged one in a designated e.GO battery swap station dubbed e.Pit.

The original battery, fully charged, can be swapped back in within a month. Customers remain the owner of their original battery. The service will be provided to all customers at no cost for their annual swap quota.

The swap procedure takes around 60 minutes which is faster than full charging at any standard public charging outlet. The company is working to reduce the swap timing to 30 minutes.

The first two swap stations in the EV maker’s Aachen factory and Zuelpich (a Pardemann service centre) are fully operational. Duesseldorf and Hamburg are next with more promised.