May 28, 2023

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Citroen Ami Cargo confirmed for UK launch in 2022

Citroen has confirmed it will double up its offering for the new Ami electric quadricycle in the UK by bringing the Ami Cargo last-mile-delivery van variant to Britain. 

More than 14,000 UK customers have registered an interest for the passenger version of the Ami, and 1,400 of them have already placed a £250 refundable deposit to reserve one. 

UK prices are yet to be confirmed but, in its home market of France, the Ami Cargo starts from €6,490 (around £5,600), including a €900 subsidy from the French government. The UK currently doesn’t have any subsidies for electric vehicles of this size, so we expect prices to push past £6,000 by the time the Ami Cargo hops over the Channel.

The tiny electric courier van looks pretty much identical to the passenger-carrying Ami from the outside. Inside, though, Citroen has removed the Ami’s passenger seat and fitted a storage pod in its place, which is separated from the driver by a solid partition.

The cargo compartment has a capacity of 260 litres – roughly similar to the boot of a Toyota Yaris – and it can carry up to 140kg, which Citroen says make it ideally suited to life as a last-mile urban delivery vehicle. When teamed with a few new storage bins, Citroen says the Ami Cargo has a total capacity of 400 litres. That’s slightly more space than you get from the boot of the fourth-generation Skoda Fabia.

The cargo area comes with a few tie-down points and a height-adjustable floor, which allows the driver to transport items up to 1.2 metres long. Mounted on top of the box is a modular hinged shelf, which can hold up to 40kg and double as a mobile desk.

Citroen has also added an extra secure storage bin at the rear of the cabin, which it says is designed to keep valuables such as smartphones, sunglasses and wallets out of sight.

Like the standard Ami, the Cargo uses a 5.5kWh battery pack to feed an 8bhp electric motor. Top speed stands at 28mph, and Citroen says the EV will cover 46 miles on a single charge.

You can only charge the battery using a three-pin plug. However, due to the diminutive size of the battery, it only takes around three hours for it to reach 100 percent capacity.

French buyers can spec optional extras such as door nets, branded floor mats and a smartphone mount for the dashboard. More recently, Citroen also gave a few examples of the business liveries buyers will be able to brand their cars with.

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