May 27, 2023

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Brembo’s New Mirror-Finish Brake Discs Borrow Tech From Porsche

Other than their mirror complete, the Greentive discs are identifiable by a small Brembo symbol on the brake ring surface area. This symbol provides an sign of when the disc will require to be changed. A further gain to the discs is high resistance to corrosion, which is in particular beneficial for autos parking exterior.

Brembo suggests that the coating technological innovation can be applied to numerous disc models which include strong, twin cast, light-weight, and two-piece floating discs. Brembo didn’t show how significantly its Greentive discs will charge, but as a attainable sign of value, Porsche expenses $three,490 for its PSCB brakes that use the same tungsten carbide substance. Thanks to Brembo, it’s not only the Porsches of the planet that will be rolling by with shiny, for a longer time-long lasting brake discs.