May 28, 2023

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Behind The Design: Why The 2022 Range Rover Looks Like An Architectural Wonder

If you do go with leather, you have both semi- and near-aniline options. “The new near-aniline choice is softer, with fewer treatments and less artificial pigmentation for a more natural feel while meeting Land Rover’s demanding durability standards,” says Land Rover. “These responsibly produced leathers have the natural finish and tactility of furniture-grade leather, with advanced techniques used to increase the utilization of every hide by 10% – saving over 42kg of CO2 equivalent per vehicle.”

As for veneers, the Range Rover offers a choice of open-pore woods, metal finishes and loads of color options. LR says the interior is “influenced by refined and sophisticated modern architecture,” and that color is used to separate the zones.

Last generation’s Range Rover sold well through the teens, topping out just under 20,000 units moved in 2018 in the US. Sales have dipped a bit since then, though we’re not surprised 2020 and 2021 are lower than expected. But a new generation always boosts sales, and we expect that to happen here too. It’s available to order now, with deliveries beginning in spring.