June 6, 2023

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Audi And Porsche Ready To Enter Formula One

According to Car in the Uk, Stuttgart’s premier sportscar manufacturer “is aspect of the FIA’s motor doing the job team, so they are involved in all of the discussions about the 2025 regs. Word on the street is that they are real contributors also – they transform up to meetings full of tips. It’s probably that the quantity of electric powered energy will be doubled for 2025, which Porsche are keen on (sic).”

It’s intriguing that Porsche or Audi (or even both of those makes) could return to F1 at a time that mother or father company Volkswagen has quit motorsport, but with both of those German marques engaged in preliminary talks with the FIA, matters glance excellent, and Porsche’s analysis into synthetic fuels is promising specially for the sport. Nonetheless, as excellent as automobiles like the 911 GT3 are, both of those makes will have a mountain to climb to get up to velocity in F1.