June 7, 2023

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2022 Tesla Model S Plaid gets three motors, more than 1,100 horsepower

Don’t forget these modified Tesla Design S prototypes lurking all over the Nürburgring last yr? They seemed considerably extra imply than your usual Design S Effectiveness. And now we know they didn’t just glimpse imply. The firm introduced through its “Battery Working day” presentation that it will start the Design S Plaid at the stop of following yr with some actually remarkable numbers.

Not like other Design S sedans, the Plaid gets three motors. The correct layout was not given, but we would be expecting twin motors at the rear for torque vectoring. We do know that all three motors make a ton of energy, extra than 1,100 horses. The firm estimates that the Plaid will be in a position to do -sixty in underneath two seconds, and the quarter-mile in underneath 9 seconds. Moreover, the firm has accomplished tests at Laguna Seca, and the recent rapidly time with the vehicle is 1 minute thirty.three seconds. During the presentation, it was instructed they could shave off an additional three seconds. That would make it about as rapidly as the recent generation vehicle history holder, the McLaren Senna, which lapped the track in the arms of Motor Trend in 1 minute 27.sixty two seconds. As for the Nürburgring, Tesla hasn’t mentioned something nevertheless. Besides outright energy, Tesla says the Plaid will have an electric assortment of extra than 520 miles.

Some of these claims are, definitely not coincidentally, a close match to claims Lucid is creating about its Air sedan, particularly the “faster than brief” three-motor edition that was teased out earlier in the day. The Air proven in the video clip apparently has accomplished the quarter-mile in 9.sixty two — and aims to do greater — and three Lucid motors are capable of 670 horsepower for every, indicating the vehicle could theoretically activity around two,000 horsepower.

The trailer Tesla showed didn’t reveal a lot about what the Design S Plaid appears to be like like. What we could see showed a large rear spoiler, like what we observed on prototypes last yr. The fenders could possibly be a bit wider, and there may nonetheless be a bit of diffuser leftover from the prototypes. But in the glimpses we could see, it appears to be marginally significantly less intense than what we have beforehand found.

The 1st Plaids will be sent late following yr, but you can put in your order for a person right now. Not shockingly, the Design S Plaid is not inexpensive. It expenditures $139,990, or $141,a hundred ninety with desired destination demand. Which is about $50,000 extra than a Design S Effectiveness. That selling price also splits the change of the 522-horsepower Porsche Taycan 4S that starts off at $one zero five,150, and the 670-horsepower Taycan Turbo that starts off at $152,250.

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